Saturday, May 28, 2011

Stimulating the brain

Hello, here are some fun and easy ways to stimulate the brain:

Learn a new language. This works on enhancing memory. I get CD's from the library and listen for about a half-hour every day.

Learn an instrument. This works on physical, mental, and visual skills and is a fun way to express yourself. There are so many musical styles to choose from, making it easy to find something inspiring.

Use your non-favored hand for a few minutes a day to do things. This will develop the opposite side of your brain. I'm right-handed and started by brushing my hair then my teeth with my left hand. After that, I learned to put my makeup on with my left hand. Then I learned to write the alphabet then words with my left hand. It's been interesting.

Talk to interesting people who have ideas new to you. Listen, learn, and challenge yourself.

To help memory, link words with images. Many people can better recall things they see over what they hear. Create pictures in your mind to go with words.

Of course eat right and get plenty of water and enough sleep and exercise.

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Joyce Lansky said...

Hmm. Never thought of doing these things. I like the easy one of brushing the hair with a different hand . . . of course what will the hair look like when through?

Thanks for stopping by my blog.